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Reputable New York Lawyers Assist Clients Hurt in Slip & Fall Accidents

Experienced Pearl River attorneys seek damages from liable property owners

Slip and fall accidents are often the result of a property owner's failure to take measures to prevent or remediate hazardous conditions. When people in Rockland County and New York City suffer injuries in accidents at a supermarket of retail store, on sidewalks or on any commercial or residential premises, the attorneys of Orak & Associates, PC step in to take action against the property owners or operators involved. Based in Pearl River, New York, our attorneys negotiate insurance settlements and bring personal injury lawsuits to secure for our clients the funds they need to pay medical expenses, recoup lost income and cope with pain and suffering.

Skilled attorneys sue over slips, trips and falls caused by negligence

A New York property owner is liable for a slip and fall if he or she knew or should have known about an unsafe condition on the property, but did not warn visitors, repair the condition or prevent access to it. Property hazards that may result from owner negligence include, but are not limited to:

  • Wet floors — Slips often occur after floors are cleaned or waxed, or when spills are not cleaned up in a timely manner.
  • Surface imperfections — Loose floorboards, bunched carpeting, holes and cracks are tripping hazards. It is also easy to be thrown off balance due to uneven or irregular surfaces.
  • Loose handrails — Handrails are meant to provide stable and reliable support. Grabbing hold of a loose handrail can result in a painful fall.
  • Damaged stairs — It can be difficult to maintain stable footing on stairs that are crumbling, worn down or unevenly spaced.
  • Insufficient lighting — Tripping hazards can be hard to detect in poorly lit spaces, such as parking lots and basements.

Our determined legal team compiles evidence to hold property owners accountable when they fail to uphold their duty of care to visitors and other people who may be expected to enter. Even if you were partly at fault, such as by disregarding a posted warning, you may be entitled to some compensation.

Accomplished law firm helps injured people recover costs of debilitating injuries

Head trauma, spinal cord injuries, hip fractures, sprains and lacerations are among the painful injuries common to slip and fall accidents. Treatment and recovery might take several months and cost many thousands of dollars. Some slip and fall injuries do not allow for return to full health and may impact victims for the rest of their lives.

Enlisting an experienced personal injury lawyer after a slip and fall can help you understand your prospects for reimbursement for these potentially crushing expenses. We guide our clients through every step of the legal process, providing responsive care and goal-oriented strategies.

Contact knowledgeable New York slip and fall attorneys to schedule your free consultation

Based in Pearl River, New York, the attorneys of Orak & Associates, PC represent individuals injured in slip and fall accidents across Rockland County, as well as in New York City. To schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney, call 917-216-8819 or contact us online.

Contact established New York personal injury attorneys for a free consultation

The personal injury law firm of Orak & Associates, PC in Pearl River, New York is here to help. Call us today at 917-216-8819 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.