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New York Lawyers Help People Injured in Falls at Places of Business

Dedicated Pearl River attorneys sue negligent property owners over slips and falls

Property owners and managers are required by law to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition for visitors and other legal entrants. If you are injured due to a hazard at a place of business, you may be able to hold them liable for your resulting damages. The lawyers of Orak & Associates, PC in Pearl River represent people hurt in falls on business premises in New York City and Rockland County. We are committed to seeing that the parties responsible for our clients' injuries compensate them for their medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Skilled personal injury lawyers explain grounds of business liability

Slips and falls can happen almost anywhere but frequently occur at stores, restaurants, offices and other places of business. Examples of conditions that can lead to accidents are:

  • Employees leaving items such as boxes, merchandise and other items in aisles or hallways
  • Wet floors due to cleaning or spills
  • Store displays, advertisements or vending machines placed in dangerous locations
  • A cellar door left open on a sidewalk
  • Bunched carpeting or an unmarked gap or bump in flooring
  • Stairs with loose or missing treads or railings
  • Poor lighting that makes spotting floor imperfections difficult

All of these conditions are preventable and many arise because a property owner or manager is negligent in some way — either by not remediating a known hazard or by not posting warning signs or cordoning off the area.

Reputable Rockland County attorneys strive to help fall victims recover damages

Retail customers, restaurant patrons and others can suffer serious physical injuries by falling at places of business. If you are hurt in such an accident, we will help you obtain the funds you need to pay for medical bills, make up for lost income and cover other expenses associated with your injury. Even if you were partly responsible for your accident — such as by wearing unsafe footwear or not observing warning signs — you may be entitled to compensation. Our lawyers will gather evidence to show the business owner or operator was principally responsible by failing to uphold its duty to keep its premises safe. Whenever possible, we try to avoid time-consuming trials but we only settle when we believe an offer is fair and provides you fair and adequate compensation.

Contact established Pearl River personal injury attorneys for a free initial consultation

Located in Pearl River, New York and serving clients throughout New York City and Rockland County, the attorneys of Orak & Associates, PC represent clients injured in falls at places of business. To schedule a free initial consultation with our firm, call 917-216-8819 or contact us online.

Contact established New York personal injury attorneys for a free consultation

The personal injury law firm of Orak & Associates, PC in Pearl River, New York is here to help. Call us today at 917-216-8819 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.