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Dedicated New York Lawyers Assist Clients Hurt on Unsafe Sidewalks

Skilled Pearl River attorneys hold neglectful landowners accountable

If you trip, slip or fall on a sidewalk and sustain an injury, the fault may lie with the person who is legally required to keep the sidewalk in good repair and free from hazards. The lawyers at Orak & Associates, PC in Pearl River, New York help injured pedestrians seek the compensation needed to cover their medical bills, lost wages and other related damages, including pain and suffering. We represent clients in Rockland County and New York City.

Reputable law firm helps when poor maintenance leads to serious injuries

A fall on concrete can lead to serious injuries, from head trauma and broken bones to permanent nerve damage. Sidewalk accidents can be caused by:

  • Weather conditions — Snow and ice must be removed from a sidewalk within a reasonable amount of time, which is often mandated by a local law or ordinance. If a winter storm is predicted, a property manager may be expected to sand or salt the sidewalk.
  • Uneven surfaces — Tree roots that grow under a sidewalk may cause concrete to buckle or shift. Flooding or erosion may cause a sidewalk slab to sink. Uneven slabs can become tripping hazards and may cause walkers to lose their balance.
  • Wear and tear — An old and worn sidewalk may have large cracks and depressions, which can be significant hazards for pedestrians.
  • Obstructions — A sidewalk that is made impassable by overgrown trees and shrubs, trash cans or other debris may leave a pedestrian no choice but to walk in a dangerous roadway.

While property owners and their insurance companies may try to avoid or reduce their liability by claiming a pedestrian was negligent, our lawyers will build your case based on evidence assembled through careful and thorough investigation.

Attorneys knowledgeable about laws on sidewalk responsibility

Both state and local laws affect the determination of who may be liable for a sidewalk accident. In New York City and much of the surrounding area, property owners are responsible for maintaining any sidewalks that abut their property. Some property owners outsource their duties to a management company or an individual superintendent, but the owners cannot delegate their responsibility. If you slip or trip on an unsafe sidewalk, we will conduct thorough research to determine who may share in the liability for the harm you have suffered. In settlement negotiations and at trial, we vigorously assert your right to fair and adequate damages.

Contact established Pearl River sidewalk accident attorneys for a free initial consultation

Located in Pearl River, New York and serving clients throughout Rockland County and New York City, the attorneys of Orak & Associates, PC represent pedestrians injured in sidewalk accidents. To schedule a free initial consultation with our firm, call 917-216-8819 or contact us online.

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